In an ideal world, men and women would both get the same opportunity to bring their strengths to the business table. However, many industries have been male dominated for a very long time and it is now harder than ever to attract, develop and retain female talent. And those that do are gaining the advantage of being to choose from the whole talent pool.

In fact, the loss of trained and smart business women comes with a huge cost; from both a replacement angle and on bottom line profits. This is not a gender issue but a business one.

Specialising in serving businesses operating in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment we work in partnership with your organization to help you gain a competitive advantage, reduce risk, and improve financial performance by taking full advantage of female talent.

With the potential to increase your return on equity, tap into the majority of graduates as well as improve employee retention rates, the business need for gender diversity is clear.

Jacqueline is partnered with Christine Brown-Quinn at The Female Capitalistâ„¢ to help organizations create and implement business initiatives leading to improved net-bottom line performance.